Edo Tenka Matsuri

Edo Tenka Matsuri(the Edo Tenka Festival) was held in Chiyoda Ward on October 30 in 2005. So I went to the Yuraku Town area and enjoyed the festival. And I took a lot of photographs there. During the Edo era...

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Evening Festival in Nagoya City

I made a trip to Nagoya by freeway bus on October 8 in 2005 to see two festivals, the Hanaguruma Festival and The Narumi Festival. The Hanaguruma Festival is held to honor the deities of the Hanaguruma Shinmei Shrine in...

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Ohtsu Matsuri

I visited Ohtsu City in southern Shiga Prefecture to see Ohtsu Matsuri  on October 9 in 2005. Ohtsu City is on the southwestern shore of Lake Biwa and was the site of an imperial residence (Ohtsu No Miya) in the...

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Owari Yokosuka Matsuri

I visited Owari Yokosuka Town in Tokai City  on September 24 to enjoy Owari Yokosuka Matsuri. Tokai City is in southern Aichi Prefecture and is famous for having a lot of iron-manufacturing factories. So Tokai City is also called Town...

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Kishiwada Dandiri Matsuri

I visited Kishiwada City on September 14 to enjoy the Dandiri Matsuri (Dandiri Festival). Kishiwada City in southern Osaka Prefecture is very famous for the Dandiri Matsuri. The Dandiri Matsuri is the traditional festival to honor the deities of the...

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